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Automated Trading

The whole trading process - from receiving the information to analyzing and trading execution – may sometimes last a single second!

Automated trading exists for more than a decade. Large commercial entities, such as banks, investment companies, hedge funds still have use of it to this day.

In recent years -due to the Internet and information revolution – private traders/investors as well as small brokers, have also started using automated trading.


By using this system, our robot, you will be gaining speed and high yields.

If you are an independent trader, you trade several hours a day, but by using the Automated Trading System, you can make a much larger profit, which requires absolutely no time or effort at all.

Using it gives you the advantage to trade 24/ 5 (except for weekends) and to Increase profits even while you sleep.

If you are an independent trader, you will always be thinking about your profit, how to trade, what to trade. But by using Novel-Algotech system, you will be profiting without emotion or worry.

Big Commercial Bank Investors were protected by using the Automated Trading System.

If you wish to profit from your investments, join us and benefit from our system. Make large profits and see yields on your investment.

Here you don’t need any experience or background in Trading in the Capital Market to become a good Traderand enjoy a high return on your initial investment.

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